Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Beauty Favorites

So the time has come for me to write a beauty favorites blog, I have never wrote anything as such before, so don't be too harsh on me! I was going to call this my August favorites, and typically it is, but some things listed below have been an on going favorite for a while now. 

Kicking things off is The Body Shop's All-In-One BB Cream. This is bloody fantastic, at first I had quite low expectations because I am yet to find a BB Cream that I LOVE, until now. This little gem is filled with pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to the skin, which means at first this cream appears to be white however when it's rubbed onto your face it changes colour. There is four shades to choose from 'Fair', 'Lighter', 'Medium' and 'Dark', I use Medium. I have found that this cream does everything it claims to do, I suffer from terrible skin and have extremely uneven skin tone with red patches and dark under eye circles. I have found that this BB Cream is able to cover those up whilst giving the light weightless feel that you would want in a cream. This retails in The Body Shop for £12.00 for 25 ml. 
BB Cream
Next up is L'OrĂ©al Paris True Match Concealer, as mentioned I have really dark circles under my eyes, and although I have used other concelears to cover these in the past I feel that nothing covers and blends into my skin as good as what this does. When used with a good makeup brush there is nothing that this concealer cannot cover, it is amazing! It retails in Superdrug for £6.99.

Another Body Shop fave of mine is their Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, this acts as a primer and is a really good makeup base. I find this is superb for me as not only to I suffer with spots I also get blemishes and blackheads, you name it I'll have it! This works really well with their other tea tree range, such as their face wash. If this is used after moisturiser it really can last all day and make pores visibly smaller. A bonus of this is the smell, it is amazing. Apply this first thing on a morning after your skin care routine and it really can make you feel wide awake. This retails in The Body Shop for £7.50 for 30 ml. 

The next beauty (kind of) favorite I have is the perfume Alien Eau de Toilette by Thierry Mugler. I know I am a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, but I got this as a gift for my birthday two weeks ago and my god, it is the smell of heaven! I am no good at describing smells, except for saying it is amazing! This is what the product description says "a rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber". I'm not sure how much my friend paid for this with it being a gift, however, it retails at Boots for £49.50 for 30 ml. 

Lastly, not a beauty favourite but who cares?! Is Ed Sheeran's X (Multiply) album. I've never really gave Ed a chance, and have only ever listened to his released songs, but I've heard so many good reviews about this album that I had to give it a try. I compleltly agree, there is not one rubbish song, every song is amazing and they make me feel so relaxed, possibly too relaxed hah! Personally my favorite song is Thinking Out Loud. This album retails on Amazon for £8.61

Until Next Time, 
Laura xx

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