Monday, 14 July 2014

Easy Peasy Beauty Tips!

It is very important that everyone is able to stick to a good skin care routine that is going to benefit our skin. I am aware that not everyone follows the set idea of toning, cleansing, moisturiser and whatever else! Whether step-by-step routines aren't for you, or maybe you don't have time one particular busy morning (lying in bed that extra 30 minutes can also be beneficial ;) ) hopefully if you follow some of these easy tips it will help your skin to remain beautiful.

I know it's a given and it's certainly not a new fact but I definitely believe that drinking more water helps us to have fabulous skin. However, I am fully aware that you can only drink so much water before you see it as dull and boring. Alas! Something I did not know is that eating fruit and vegetables are also a great way of hydrating our bodies and skin, whilst also detoxing us from those fatty foods we may have eaten. 

Also, always try to remove your make-up on a night and before you take a bath or shower! Going in a steamy bath that will cause your pores to open is just a nightmare if you have a face full of make-up. Just think of all that foundation seeping into the pores causing troublesome skin and blackheads! So remember to always remove this before hand for perfect skin!

I know there is only two tips there, but I believe that those are some of the biggest life (should i say skin) changing tips you could receive. If you would like to read more beauty or skin care tips let me know :) 

Adios, Laura 

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