Monday, 16 May 2016

Day 6- Weight Loss- 100 days

So I've fallen off the bandwagon this weekend (and today), I had all intentions of starting afresh this morning, but a rushed breakfast and leftover Chinese takeaway for lunch wasn't exactly the best start- though it could be argued it was exactly what I needed to help get me through my 10 hour shift! Not sure my weight watchers leader would agree haha! 

Anyway, would like to keep you updated that I have recently purchased a FitBit Zip, I've seen people raving about these for a year or so, and have wanted one for months, but thought what is the point in paying £45+ for a pedometer, but my friend let me tell you how wrong I was. It is so much more than 'just a pedometer', it is lifechanging... well maybe not life changing but very addictive! It allows you to sync to your phone and reminds you how close you are to your goal throughout the day. You can also join competitions with people you know to get the most steps- perfect for you competitive individuals. 

I will keep you updated how I find this little device and will link it down below.

Laura xx 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Weight Loss- 100 Days

It's that time of year again, where summer is looming and 'How to lose weight?' is in everyone's recent searches and gyms are becoming busy again. I have been a member of Weight Watchers for some time now but seemed to have hit a plateau as I neared my 'goal weight' which I am still currently 3.5 lbs away from. Although this isn't my own personal goal, I would like to be much slimmer than that suggested weight. I religiously attend my weekly class where I listen to my leader as though she's God and aim to preach her words throughout the following week, however as soon as I step foot out of the building I search for my next meal and don't care what I am consuming as long as it will satisfy my hunger needs. Recently, it came to my attention however that it is only 100 days until my summer holiday to the Dominican Republic in August. This is when reality clicked in my head and knew I had to take this weight loss malarkey seriously. 

I was looking up weight loss tips recently and came across Sophie King’s 100 Healthy Days blog ( YES! This is exactly what I needed to see, if an ‘ordinary girl’ from Cornwall could do it, what was stopping me?? Sophie documented every day of her life for 100 days, including how she was feeling, what she had ate and what exercise she had taken part in.

I aim to follow this style for the next 100 days (well, the next 95 as I am already on Day 5). Although I cannot commit to documenting 100 days exactly, I want to document as much as I can. I will record what types of exercise I have been taking part in, along with how much weight I have lost each week.

I hope you are as excited as I am and urge as many of you as possible to just do it. Please know you are in charge of you, and if you want something then work for it! 

Laura xx