Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Lately I have been struggling a lot with stress, not in the terms of blood pressure, but more like I haven't got time to turn around before something else needs to be done. At the moment I feel as though my life is full steam ahead and I haven't got a minute to just chill. It's crazy how this time last year I was enjoying my last few months at sixth form with some of my best friends, and now I'm at university on my own with practically a full time job. It is safe to say that I do find myself struggling, on a regular basis. 

My typical day routine is now; 

  • Wake up at 7am 
  • Get the Bus to Uni
  • Go to Lectures/ Seminars
  • Get the Bus home (obviously whilst trying to shove a sandwich down my throat, a girl has gotta eat!)
  • Go to work- usually 1pm-ish 
  • Finish work at 6pm
  • Have dinner
  • Cram in assignment work
  • Bed
  • REPLAY! 
And to be honest, I find it very difficult to find time for Friends, Family and my Boyfriend lately. Even when I'm with them I'm constantly stressing about what assignment I should be completing. 

Hopefully, in the next few weeks/months things will settle down until I start it all again in my second year of uni in September. 

Until Next Time x 

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