Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Time Has Come...

Alas, time for me to write a new blog. It is soo cringeworthy how I swore that I would write frequent blogs on my last post, and when was that... September 2013! Please note it is now March 2014.

Initially I had no idea where this blog was heading, then I thought I may as well give a brief up date on what I've been up to since my last post. Okay, where do I sta
rt (?!) Since September I have started Uni, and have been going now for six month and it's slowly drawing closer to the end of my first year! I have been so shocked at how different life is at university in comparison to college, or in my case sixth form. I feel that I should have been prepared for this. You often hear people say that uni is the 'best days of their life' or 'a walk in the park', and I couldn't disagree more, either that or I would like to study what they did! I constantly have a heap load of work, I'm up early each morning to make sure I get there and to be frank you have to figure everything out for yourself, information is certainly not given to you on a plate . Nevertheless, uni is definitely worth while, maybe not at the moment but after four years hopefully things will work out for the best and I'll be Prime Minister (just kidding, I'm only studying a BA hons in Childhood Studies).

In January, I got myself a job! That's right, Laura Bowes finally in the world of work. This meant that as of January 2014 I am now classed as a "Nursery Development Officer", at this point you're probably thinking a what!? But in all fairness, it's just a fancy lardy-dah name for a nursery nurse/practitioner whatever you'd like to call it. So yes, now not only do I have to manage uni but also a job! In reality I honestly don't know how I do it, and I thought I would have died from exhaustion by now. I probably would have if the job wasn't as rewarding as it is, seeing young children grow and develop in front of you, seeing them learning and becoming more knowledgable every day is one of the best feelings in the world.

Me and James on New Years Eve :)
Finally, it was James' (my boyfriend) 21st birthday this month, we were in London at the time but I surprised him big time, and it's the most I've ever spent on anyone's present, ever! (so think yourself lucky!) Firstly, I bought him a super car experience day, this is where he gets to drive a car, such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari, then following this he sits in the passenger seat and basically gets to sh*t himself at how fast he is going around the track. In addition to this I bought him a holiday to Lanzarote. This will be our first holiday together alone and to be honest I'm nervous already, there is all sorts of thoughts running through my mind! I'm sure we will be fine and will both return in one piece safe and well, but until then I will continue to worry!

That's all I have to say for now, hopefully I'll get on here more often. Not only is it good for cyber slacking but it's also a brilliant stress relief and I feel that it helps to calm my anxiety.

'til next time!

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